Today we want to show you a few, beautiful, tree themed pieces made by our team members. Perfect for a lovely, green, warm Summer!

1. Fantastic "Tree of Life Braille" pendant by - classic silver and lovely lines.

2. Amazingly detailed "Tree of Life" pendant by Anna Mazon - . This lovely piece is adorned with a natural olivine.

3. Some gold overlay on beautifully formed fine silver - earrings from .

4. And another pair of tree-themed earrings, this time from - classic silver with a touch of oxidation.

5. This pendant is perfect for those who love bronze. "Tree of Life" by .

Stay tuned for more beautiful creations from our talented members!


Holidays coming again - check these pieces from our team members!

 Beautiful, sculptural piece, hand carved by Anna Mazon - Drakonaria.
"Spring wind" goddess pendrive, sculpted in bronze, adorned with olivines. Look at all these lovely details - unique, hand built face, tiny flowers and flowing lines. One of a kind.
Lovely "Kiss Silver charm" you can find in byLiad. Perfect, little gift for someone you love.
You can find it in Liad's shop among many other beautiful pieces.

Joy Funnel's fantastic Majorellica Silver and Enamel pendant. Beautiful colours and lovely forms. You can find this piece and much more in Joy's Etsy shop. Really worth checking.

The House That Love Built
by Magno Tango designs - really unique pendant, perfect for those who love eye catching jewellery.


The Holidays Are Around the Corner!!!

What did I think when I saw this beautiful creation with rich colors of fall...Where did the time go!!!.  It is already November and it is time to start thinking about the upcoming Holidays.

Anna Siivonen

What are we going to wear?.  Is it going to be be going to be something RED or is it going to be something BLUE.  So here are some beautiful pieces to help you start thinking about the Holidays and also to help you start thinking about what you are going to create next.  So enjoy!!!

Joy Funnell

Bev Gallerani

Glenda Skarie

Liz Hall

Catherine Witherell

Molli Koltun

Anna Mazon

AND... If you cannot decide what color to wear, you do not have too.  With every color of the rainbow, this beautiful piece makes your decision much easier.

Bev Gallerani
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