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A funny thing happened today - a weird, happy, funny thing. I put a few new items in my shop early this morning and sent a short message on Twitter. Those new items would be Frail Whale No. 1, Frail Whale - Standard Edition, and Frail Whale No. 2.

Those of you familiar with Twitter, will understand my reference to the microblog's "Fail Whale" who pops up periodically when the service is struggling to handle the volume of messages.

To my utter delight the blog AdRants wrote a blurb about Frail Whale and then Universal Hub added Frail Whale to a post about a Boston Globe article about 'Twitterati' - and both drove a ridiculous number of visitors to my blog Moda di Magno and to my Etsy Shop of the same name. So welcome the Frail Whales - and all the fine folks now joining @modamags in Twitterland! And thanks to all the mysterious workings of the Internet!

Cheerfully submitted,
Lori Magno
Moda di Magno

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