What's your favorite tool?

What's your favorite tool that's not "a tool"?

I've been looking for a beautiful tree stump (or wide log section) for hammering and flattening and texturizing metal -- and my dear friend and fine furniture maker, Bill Hewitt, provided me with such a dream item. Unfortunately the stump (nicknamed "the Billy Stump") comes my way because a horrible winter storm took out a number of mature trees on Bill's Whately, Mass organic farm. (I also brought home the most delicious organic asparagus I've ever eaten!)

I toted the stump home and carefully chiseled off all of the bark to help the stump begin the drying process (and give all living creatures a chance to move out.) I am in love with this chunk of sugar maple and I can't wait to get hammering on it soon.

I found the hammer at an awesome shop called Freight House Antiques in Erving, Mass on the drive home. It's a short handled hammer with a really wide face and I got it for a song after digging through a pile of hammers in that amazing shop. 

The stump is my favorite new "tool that's not a tool" - what's yours?


Lora Hart said...

What a beautiful stump Lori! I'd actually want to keep it as art. Put a nice slab of marble on top and place it in my living room. ;-) Alternately I'm soo jealous of it. That you have the room for it, somewhere to use an ax to prepare it, and the need to employ it in your work. Can't wait to see what lovely things you'll create!

Anonymous said...

I too recently acquired a stump. A neighbor was having a very large tree cut down and I was able to pick my stump. It was a happy day!

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