Welcome New Member to the Etsy MetalClay Team

Please give a warm welcome to our newest team member Milica Bubanja. Check out Milica shop Milica Bubanja Jewelry. Milica is living in Slovenia, with her husband and two children. She writes about her creative process in her native tough on her blog www.milicab.blogspot.com. I am so excited that our team is expanding internationally! Milica speaks four different languages Slovenian, Spanish, Italian and English.

I love Milica jewelry it is elegant and adorable at the same time. The Apple Ring below is my favorite from her shop.

Milica Apple Ring

In other news the Etsy MetalClay team has been super busy this Summer. I will have to write a huge post this weekend to summarize what everyone had been up to! But Jennifer Smith of Wearable By Design, Harley Chic Necklace has made it into the Etsy "Which Bike Item is on a roll Contest" Please check out the Etsy Contest here and vote for Jennifer. She is in the lead right now but the polls will close in about four days.

Also Teresa Swanson of Tztudio has also entered into the Etsy "A Handmade Moment Video Contest" Teresa Incorporated several of the Etsy MetalClay Team items into her video entry. Thanks Teresa. Please check out and vote for Teresa video here.


Milica Bubanja said...

Thanks for beautiful welcome text, very nice of you. I'm honored to be a part of such talented artists as EMC team members! Thanks again.

Ruth said...

Glad to have you join the team Milica

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