Etsy Metal Clay Team Challenge "Hinges"

The Etsy Metal Clay team took a vote and decided that our second team challenge would be hinges. All jewelry pieces would incorporate a hinge into the design. Below are some of the designs the various artists of the EMC team came up with.

Jennifer Smith-Righter of Wearable By Design sent me the lovely purse pendant shown above for her hinge challenge submission. She describes her process as; " I created it by making two templates, one for the front and back of the purse and a second for the flap. I joined the front and back of the purse with a single strip of metal clay. The handle was created from a mold of a brass picture hanger, in which I set three (2mm) faceted sapphires. The flap also has a tube set faceted sapphire. The hinge was created by making a snake of metal clay, which was hollowed out and sawn into three knuckles. I then attached the three knuckles to the back and the flap of the purse, creating a hinge. The hinge is held together with argentium wire, slayed at both ends.

Lori Magno of Moda di Magno submitted the above hinge pendant. Lori calls this pendant her "Al Green pendant". The pendant is inspired from the lyrics "Lets Stay Together" (when times are good or bad, or happy or sad) The pendant has all of these words and can be flipped to the word you are most in the mood for depending on your day. Good luck to Lori as she prepares for the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia next week.

Nicola Callow of Murano Silver submitted the Holy Curiosity Pendant listed above. The quote listed inside the pendant is from Albert Einstein, Nicola said what artist doesn't need to have holy curiosity? This was Nicola first hinge she made purely out of metal clay.

Catherine Witherell of Happy Day Art submitted the gorgeous cuff listed above for the team challenge. She calls her cuff the teeny peony hinged cuff. Her hinged cuff is made from PMC+ and the hinge is held together by a rivet made from argentium silver. The clasp is closed with a peg made of argentium silver and a small length of sterling silver chain.

Ruth Baillie of Birdland Creations submitted her Nesting Place Pendant. The Nesting Place pendant depicts a little songbird perched on her birdhouse. The roof of the birdhouse opens to reveal three little eggs in a nest tucked away safely inside. All components were made with metal clay other than the sterling silver chain.

Bev's Beach House Pendant

Bev Gallerani of Mango Tango Designs submitted the Beach House Pendant listed above. Bev's pendant is composed of precious metal clay. She has Incorporated her famous shells onto her beach house pendant.

Lisa Butterfly Pendant

Lisa Woinarski of Lillipilli Designs submitted this beautiful butterfly. Lisa described her butterfly pendant process; "This little butterfly fluttered out of my head one day and into PMC. The hinges mean that the wings actually flap and move as they sit in the necklace. I used one of my batik textures from a photopolymer plate. I applied liver of sulur patina to give the wings some detail and a gorgeous rainbow patina color. I then polished the high points to let the silver shine through.

Carrie Benvenuti of Uranium Cafe submitted a pendant she calls Arizona Sunrise. Her pendant is inspired from the state flag of Arizona. At the right time in the morning, just before the sun rises above the mountains, the sun's ray beams through the sky is an inspiration to see. The body of the pendant is one inch by one inch with a cold connection at the hinge. Carrie's Arizona Sunrise pendant opens to reveal the lovely sunrise that inspired her.

I hope you enjoyed the EMC Team Hinges challenge. A big thank you to all of our members who participated in this challenge. I hope we can make a themed team challenge a staple of the EMC Team Blog.


Teresa said...

EVERYONE did such a wonderful job with these- they are all wonderful!!

EmandaJ said...

These are gorgeous, I'm so inspired!

KristiBowmanDesign said...


SCJ Jewelry Design said...

These are gorgeous!

WearableByDesign said...

This was really fun. I'd never done a hinge before and was a little intimidated, but it was easier than I thought! I'm glad I was challenged to do it.

Every entry was beautiful and I'm loving the design work. Thanks team!

K. Voss said...

Oh my word! I'm blown away by how great these are!

Lorena Angulo said...

Gorgeous pieces by wonderful artists !!!

Molli Koltun said...

Al the pieces are just amazing!

Rachel Kranzberg Miller said...

Wow! You guys are awesome. What an inspiration!

Lauren Grace said...

Wow, those are all fab! I especially love the purse and the beach house pendants

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be late in commenting...but THESE ARE FABULOUS!!!!!
I am blown away by how creative and well put together ALL of the Hinges are. Everyone of you ROCKS!! Congratulations you guys!

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