Create Your Style!

We artists are always looking for inspiration, for a muse.  We are always looking for things that "get the creative juices flowing".  We want to be near things that we like, that are fresh, that makes us feel good, that makes us feel special.  And before you realize it, your creations reveal everything about you to others.  And your style is born.

So be unique, be yourself, don't be afraid, and CREATE YOUR STYLE!!!

Can you guess who the artist is?

1. This artist describes her style as "ROMANTIC"

2. This artist describes her style as "CHEERFUL"
"I try to make jewelry that makes people smile. Themes that make us happy resulting in meaningful tokens of love."

3. This artist describes her style as "FANTASY"
"Abstract thinking can let you see one thing in a million ways, that is why things look to me different every day."

4. This artist describes her style as "QUIRKY"
"I was introduced to ceramic clay when I was 6 years old, I have been claying ever since.  My favorite from the start was sculpting people and creatures."

5. This artist describes her style as "FREE SPIRIT"
"I can't say I have a specific style. I work from my stomach, unless its customer order I go with the flow... and enjoy the ride."

6. This artists describes her style as "BEACH"
"My inspiration is I've always lived near water and can't think of anything more calming and serene

7. This artist describes her style as "ORGANIC INDUSTRIAL"

8. This artist describes her style in one word, "JOYFUL"
"My love of colours and textures lead me to develop happy work."

I hope you have a fun time guessing!!! Please leave us a comment and let us know how many artists were you able to guess.

1. Catherine Witherell http://www.etsy.com/shop/happydayart 
5. Liad Wischnia-Nemeth http://www.etsy.com/shop/ByLiad

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