Welcome To Our World!

It's been a long time in the making.  Even long before it was known that there was a need.

In the beginning, there were talented people who made beautiful objects - but no one knew these wonders existed.  Then the Powers That Be created Etsy, and lo... a wonderful new marketplace was born. And the people came. And the jewelry makers opened shops to welcome the people. And the people saw that it was good.

Then the makers created Teams to draw the people into their shops. And many teams were born and thrived.  All except for the makers who used metal clay. The metal clayers wandered and toiled and tried to invite many shoppers to enjoy their individual sites, and the shoppers began to come - but they were distracted by the promotions and glitz of the mighty Teams.

And so a need appeared. And lo, the need was met when the Etsy MetalClay Team arose from within the midst of the makers. And the people saw that it was good.

And when the Powers That Be saw the mighty Etsy MetalClay Team, they decided to inform the masses that this was a great and worthy team. And so they asked their scribe to write to all the world that Etsy MetalClay would be featured on the Storque on Wednesday October 1st. And it was good.

And the Etsy MetalClay Teams' blog and Website and Flickr group thrived and grew and all of the intelligentsia and glitteratti came and supported and bought and loved - And it was very good!  

Huzzah, and welcome to our new blog.  There are many wonderful and amazing postings planned, and many educational and interesting tips and tricks to share. And if you join us, scribes will send you many messages heralding the newest of the news. And it will be most wonderous good!
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