The Holidays Are Around the Corner!!!

What did I think when I saw this beautiful creation with rich colors of fall...Where did the time go!!!.  It is already November and it is time to start thinking about the upcoming Holidays.

Anna Siivonen

What are we going to wear?.  Is it going to be be going to be something RED or is it going to be something BLUE.  So here are some beautiful pieces to help you start thinking about the Holidays and also to help you start thinking about what you are going to create next.  So enjoy!!!

Joy Funnell

Bev Gallerani

Glenda Skarie

Liz Hall

Catherine Witherell

Molli Koltun

Anna Mazon

AND... If you cannot decide what color to wear, you do not have too.  With every color of the rainbow, this beautiful piece makes your decision much easier.

Bev Gallerani
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