The Finished Bracelet

So, it's finished....and what a beauty. Catherine's bracelet and the gorgeous charms just make this have a wonderful sound. Enjoy the beauty. Cheers Girls!

Thanks Catherine

Thanks so much for donating this beautiful handmade bracelet to the charm swap. It will surely help raise more money for our charity. -- Dina

Catherine's Donation

Today I received the most incredible handmade bracelet for our charm swap bracelet which will go to a charitable organization to hopefully raise lots of funds. So I needed to share this beautiful bracelet before it is adorned with the beautiful charms that our group has made.


EMC Charm Swap Update No. II

Well in case you were not aware the charms for the EMC Team Charm Swap were due today! Teresa sent me the above picture this afternoon. While the pile of goodies is larger than last week there are a few missing packages. Teresa reported the following:

Charms are still coming in from everyone, and the boxes are mounting. Everyone on the team is so talented and creative, and we are all going to end up with some REALLY fantastic charms! We are still missing a few, but just as soon as I get them, I'll get sets back to you all so you can see the wonderful pieces.


Countdown to EMC Charm Bracelet Exchange.

Teresa Boland was generous enough to organize the EMC Team Charm Bracelet Exchange. Teresa shared the following delicious picture and motivating speech to get the procrastinators working.

With the deadline for the charm swap swiftly approaching -- who would believe that time would pass so quickly and Sept. 10th be upon us in the blink of an eye! -- charms have started arriving and the excitement is building. It’s like Christmas around here every time the mailman comes, and believe me, I am anxiously waiting for him to see if any goodies come! I promise to repackage them up and get them back out to you all as quickly as I can (once I receive them all, of course – so you slow-pokes, get busy) so everyone can share in the excitement. Stay tuned for updates!


Welcome New Members to the Etsy MetalClay Team

We have two new members this month, they are Heidi Stinson of Water Hawks Metalwork and Lisa Woinarski of Lillipilli Designs.
Heidi is a busy Mother of four and a former Marine. She has been creating jewelry for 17 years. She started creating jewelry made of hemp, bone, seed/glass beads and leather, while on her wilderness/desert survival excursions. Unfortunately Heidi became disabled in 2003 but has utilized her extra time into creating beautiful jewelry. She is inspired by nature and loves to use natural elements such as wood, leaves, leather, pearls, and gemstones into her work. Heidi has another Etsy shop called www.emeraldwaterhawk.etsy.com. I love Heidi's Last Leaf of Summer Ring listed below. I can't believe summer is over, I noticed today the trees in my area were already starting to change color!

Heidi's Last Leaf of Summer Ring

A native to Australia, Lisa's designs are inspired by nature. Lisa named her Etsy Store Lillipilli after a tree found in Australia, that has the ability of create bright pink fruit. Lisa's talents include textile arts to painting, sculpture, pottery, papermaking, and printmaking. When she moved to California, Lisa discovered metalclay and she has been creating beautiful jewelry ever since. You can see Lisa' jewelry on her Etsy store or on her website http://www.lillipillidesigns.com/

Lisa's Art Deco Flower Pendant

Please everyone give a warm welcome to our newest team members. I hope you enjoy our friendly little group!

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