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As a Jewelry Artist I know the importance of have a unique style and point of view.  It’s important to make your Etsy shop a unique experience that defines your style and attracts customers that are looking for something specific. 

Although we at the EMC Team are bond by our talent and love of metal clay, we each have a distinct style and point of view.  So let’s review some of the artists and what we are known for.

Feeling beachy?  Check out Bev Gallerani at Mango Tango.  Her shop is full of sea shell and beach inspired designs.

Looking for handmade jewelry with a modern Eco-friendly vibe?  Go to Christine Street Gregg, at Chocolate and Steel.

Love art Deco?  EvelynPelati interprets them with a modern twist.

Easy to wear nature inspired designed are a natural for Joni Rae Doyle at Soul Harbor Jewelry.

Kelly Fehr is known for her incredible designs which incorporate braille lettering.  They are both beautiful and tactile.

For unique contemporary silver jewelry which combine color and pattern you can’t beat Liz Hall’s shop Lizards Jewelry.  The designs just blow me away.

For edgy rock n roll designs, from Batwings to bullets check out Tiffany’s Heist Jewelry.

Of course, if you are Jewish or need a gift, be sure to visit my shop.  I, Rachel Kranzberg Miller, am known as the Mezuzah maker in the Metal clay community!

All of the members of Etsy metal clay team have their unique voice, so whatever you are looking for you should be able to find what you need and get a one of a kind, handcrafted piece from a metal clay artist!

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