You Tube Thursday - Halloween Edition

We had a great time at the Trunk show!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by!  We'll be doing it again in January (just in time for Valentine's Day), so stay tuned for developments.

I thought we'd have a little fun for the holiday this weekend.  Not about jewelry or meeting our members or running a business - but Noah Scalin was featured live in the Etsy Virtual Labs last week, so I'm taking a little poetic license.  

Giving oneself a project that will take a whole year to complete is a daunting idea, but the creativity that ensued for Noah makes me want to take it on! The Skull - A - Day project is inspiring in and of itself. Can you think of a single design that you could exploit, explore and expand on? Every single day? For a YEAR? Sure gets my wheels spinning.


HappyDayArt! said...

You sure did Lora! You were funny and never skipped a beat. What a social butterfly too! It is nice getting to know you more all the time. Got to see a new side of you. You are a wonderful supporter of the action! I would pick you for my team any time.


Lora Hart said...

Aw, Gee. Thanks. (blushes)

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