Shopkeeper Mosaic - Packaging

The holidays are approaching faster than I like to think and folks are buying goodies to put under their trees, menorahs and other seasonal icons. For a lot of Etsy shoppers (including me) the way things are wrapped is the gift with purchase we all love.

Etsy sellers are soooo creative with their packaging. Adding hand drawn images, stickers, Moo cards and sometimes even embroidery. How do you package your items? Do you decorate the outside of the mailer? Stick a little some'in extra in as a surprise Thank You?

I know I need to step up my packaging. How 'bout you?

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HappyDayArt! said...

I love this! I myself put a lot of thought into my packaging and get very positive responses to it. It means a lot to people because even if they bought it for themselves, it feels like a gift when they get it!

Nice packages!


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