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It's quick, it's easy, it's informative, it's fun! Squidoo is a website that allows anyone with a passion and some expertise in their field to create a page or "Lens" to share information on any topic(s) that tickle(s) their fancy. Cheaper than a website (free in fact), more comprehensive than a blog and socially conscious to boot! Squidoo donates the first %5 percent of their profits (raised through ad space) to charities. After keeping 45% for overhead, they then give the remaining 50% to the LensMasters or to charity, whichever the LensMaster prefers! 

There are so many lenses (more than 700,000 pages) that it would take a lifetime to check them all out, but here are some really great ones that you might love to peruse. Many of these lenses have links to other helpful lenses (it's like a pyramid scheme of information) so be sure to read the whole page.

For Metal Clay
• Just one of the many Metal Clay Lenses created by Margaret Schindel

For Etsy Sellers
• Creating effective listings on Etsy
Tools for Etsy Sellers - this one has two great fee calculators near the bottom of the page.

For Promoting Your Shop
• The ins and outs of Twitter
• Becoming your own LensMaster - Basic Tips on creating a lens
• Preparing for a craft show

Happy Surfing! 


Chocolate and Steel said...

thanks for the info. I have yet to check out squidoo, but I desperately need to figure out twitter so I think I'll be heading over there.

HappyDayArt! said...

I gotta go check that out!

TeresaBolandDesigns said...

Great info, Lora - thanks! I'll go check it out-

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info!



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