The Savvy Shopkeeper - Pimp Your Shop Edition

New Year's is a time for reflection, making goals or resolutions, celebrating your successes and making way for new opportunities.  I actually do my house re organizing at this time of the year. I still call it "spring cleaning" but I "spring" into action during the first two weeks of the year.

Since I have some time off from teaching now, I've started even earlier - with re organizing my shop (my ridiculously messy house will come later).  I'm taking new pictures, dreaming up some cool new packaging and will be taking a look at my pricing. I'm gonna take advantage of the new drop down  that lets one view a shop by Most Recently Listed, Least Recently Listed, Price: High To Low and Price: Low to High.  I'll choose Low to High option to see if everything's priced to sell or way outta wack.

There's so much that we can do to keep our shops up to date and fresh, but sometimes even the thought of re-organizing can blow our minds. Here are just a couple of articles that might help you to organize your thoughts so you can pimp your bling to the max, man.

• EtsyUtah has posted 10 Quick Tips in their terrific blog
• The Storque has an entire shop makeover series just packed with great ideas to help you Pimp Your Shop

So go on now - take it to the streets, fresh out your crib and become Etsy's major Mack Daddy in '09! 

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Off ta check out da links now!! :)

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