Shameless Self Promotion Rules!

While perusing KnitSteel's blog the other day, my eyes fell upon a new Etsy widget that I didn't recognize. It looked like a cross between a Mini for a shop called "The Mini Blog" and an advertisement. "What is it?" I mused to myself. My finger was itching to click and I allowed it to tap the mouse.

The link led me to a Blogger blog called "All Things Handmade"which turns out to be dedicated to promoting individual Etsy shops through the use of mini's. Sounds familiar. Isn't there a feature just like that at www.EtsyMetalClay.com ?  Anyway, the blog is laid out beautifully with searchable categories and sub categories, just like the "real" Etsy site.

In addition to being another great promotional tool for sellers, it's also a wonderful search engine for buyers and Treasury curators. The mini's show the artist's style as well as the goods offered and clicking on it of course takes you right to the seller's shop.

I've already made the request to be added to the list, which was really simple. I just went to the Jewelry category and the sub category that I though best fit my items - metal - went down to the comments and entered my shop name and id.  Easy peasy.  Haven't heard back yet, but it is the holidays.

Go take a look and see for yourself.  It's a good thing.


HappyDayArt! said...

Very interesting! What will they think of next?


Chocolate and Steel said...

Yes, I am on this site too. I got in at the ground level. I do get some traffic to my blog from there.

Amor De Plata said...

I had forgotten I'm there already! Thanks for the information.

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