Meet the Team - Interview with Victoria Banner

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
Originally I grew up in England, but have been living in Canada for almost 20 years, even though I hate the cold :) I'm married to a wonderful and supportive husband, no children but 2 dogs, a cat and lots of fish. I worked for many years as an artist and designer and recently started my own business VixenWare.

Have any special hobbies?
Hmmm! Not really anymore, all my hobbies turned into a full time business for me. Whenever I'm not working on jewelry designs I like to work with glass, whether fusing, lampworking or stained. I do like to garden in the summertime, I live in Winnipeg, Canada so summer is very short. I also love vintage cars and restoring my rare 72 sprint El Camino.

What is your business name, website address and shop address?
VixenWare at www.vixenwaredesigns.com and my shop is www.vixenware.etsy.com

HardRock Cherry

Do you sell in any shops other than etsy?
I sell in a few boutiques and galleries.

How did you find out about metalclay and then start working with it? How long?
I was working with welding bigger sculptures at the time when a friend told me about it. I was more curious than anything. I got hooked, and have been working with it probably for about a year now. 

What drives you to make jewelry?
I love to create and be inspired on a daily basis. 

Are you disciplined or do you go with the flow and work when you feel like it?
Both, I create when inspired, so I'd have to say that's more go with the flow. If I'm not in creative mode then I'm disciplined. I have long to do lists and this is the time that I get everything else done.

Won any awards for your jewelry? for anything else?
Haven't entered my jewelry for any awards as of yet. Won a few trophies for my art work when I was younger.

Do you do any other type of art?
I graduated from fine arts, later from graphic and web site design. I do a lot of art from traditional painting on canvas to pottery, glass, metalwork. I like to mix medias wherever possible to create art work that is functional and usable.


What is your art sensibility - precise or organic?
Both, it really depends on what is inspiring me that day.

When did you feel you had more confidence in your abilities?
I guess when people were stopping me and asking about my work and then the phone calls for custom work. That made me very happy.

What is your favorite tool for working with metalclay?
I literally use anything and everything.

Where do you work?
I have a 2 room studio on the second floor of my home. One room is primarily for design and painting. My computer and photo equipment is also in this room I use this room to work on ideas, I have it set up with a couch and coffee table to help with relaxation and flow of ideas.
The other room houses 2 kilns, a sandblaster, glass and lampworking bench and on the opposite side my metalwork bench and equipment.

What is your favorite thing to make?
All my pieces are mostly "one of a kind" (OOAK) so I can't say I have a favourite thing to make. I do love making small sculptural pieces, especially florals.


Do you ever add commercial components?
Jumprings, chains, clasps, sometimes bails if I don't make my own.

How do you work, and when? (for ex. assembly line or one at a time)
I usually start with a few ideas for pieces I wish to make and work on a few at a time.

Do you have any kind of creative ritual?
Not really, when I'm inspired I work.

How do you hold onto ideas that you don't have time to pursue NOW!
When I remember I try to sketch them, but usually I mean to and don't. Every now and again they pop back into my head when working on another piece.

Do you ever use a sketchbook?
Now and again, I really have to get better with this, lots of ideas lost.

Do you ever teach classes and where?
Have been asked to on a few occasions, but probably would never do it. I don't have the teaching personality, I'm in my own little world most of the time.

Do you make a living at it?
So far yes.

Do you do custom orders?
I do lots of custom work and most of my pieces are OOAK originals.

My Divine

What are you working on currently?
Designs for pieces for a gallery which I am then going to make.

How do you make time for everything you want to do?
I don't sleep.

Thank you Victoria,
It has been a pleasure getting to know you.


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