Where Can I Find You?

This is the first in a series of 'tips-n-tricks' from the Etsy Metal Clay team.  Lori Magno here, aka EMC Team Geek, presenting thoughts on how to help people find you (and your shop.)

Where can I find you? That is a not infrequent question from friends, family and co-workers about where to find my jewelry. 

My shop is located on Etsy, but you can find me with a simple Internet search because I have key-worded all of my pieces with things that will help you find a particular piece of jewelry - but also find my shop. I added my name to every listing.

I own my domain and point it to my Etsy shop which make it easy for my friends who can't spell my proper shop name. Is Moda di Magno so hard? It means "Designed by Magno" in Italian! Nevertheless LoriMagno.com is easier for most of my friends (and some of the family!)

You can find me on Google - I love the Google.  You should google your own name or company name and see what pops up on the first page.  What appears on the first page of Google is what most people will perceive as 'your brand' - your company or you. For a search engine to find you (and by extension your shop) you need to have a presence. How are you creating your online presence?

You can find me on Facebook - I'm not one for re-living high school moments, but I'm happy to announce every design innovation and special shop event. It's also nice to get instant feedback on those posts.

You can find me on Twitter - I'll probably be doing Red Sox play by play, but I also send links to my shop, to announce special shopping events and to treasuries. I always Twitter the treasuries!

Speaking of Treasuries, you can find me in Etsy Treasuries. I'm quite thrilled to show off my team, but I will always include one of my own pieces (and link out to my shop in the "from" box at the top of the treasury.)

You can find me on Flickr - I have a photo set dedicated to my jewelry on Flickr. It is one more place for my friends and family to admire what I've been working on - and for friends I haven't met to find along the way. Flickr is another spot for people to comment on your work (always good for inspiration!)

You can find me on my own Blog - I write on a variety topics, all subjects I'm likely to be passionate about, and I make sure to include a lot of photos. A blog is different from a website - a blog is meant to be a two-way street. It is meant to invite comments and provide feedback (good, weird and indifferent.) I have put the occasional "how I made this" show and tell on my blog. Your friends and family may never admit visiting, but they like to know what's going on - so show off a little!

I am on LinkedIn (Are we linked?) This is what many people call 'Facebook for grown-ups'. It is a networking site where you can present your professional face - whatever that profession may be. LinkedIn has a status update feature similar to that of Facebook, so I write the occasional note about shows or design work.

You can find me in the comments of other writers' blogs. I am an avid reader of many blogs on many subjects (fashion, politics, design, kittens...) and when I am moved by a topic I will leave a comment. Most sites require some information to leave a comment, but they  usually offer you the option to put in your website - making it possible for other readers to click on your link and go to the site of your choice!

Those are just nine simple places for people to find your shop. So where can I find you?

I'll write another time about social bookmarking and ways to 'save your favorites' from all over the Internet!

For amusement and learning of all kinds, visit some of the Etsy Metal Clay team members who also blog:


HappyDayArt! said...

I love this post Lori! I love your photo too!


Rebecca Crabtree said...

Great post! I'm a regular reader, and hope one day to apply to join you guys!! Rebecca x

Clever Endeavor said...

Great Post Lori. The list of everyone blog in one place is super useful thanks!

dear dear said...

Very helpful ideas Lori! (and what a lovely photo of your beautiful self! ; )

Bev ~ MangoTango Designs said...

Fabulous post, Lori! If you had to choose between Facebook and LinkedIn, which would it be?

Melanie said...

There is so much good, free information offered so generously. Thank you, what a boon to the less technically minded, this is the kind of thing we can use for reference to "catch up" with the rest of you.

Lora Hart said...

Really good Lori! I'm a multi webber too. blog, etsy, .com, smashingdarling, facebook, twitter (although I'm not so active), crafthous, my class blog, my certification blog...

I tell folks if they can't find me - they're not trying! :-)

Janice said...

Lori, such an awesome post! You truly have the gift of writing.

I also enjoyed seeing you!! :)

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