Lots of Good News for The EMC Team

The Etsy Metal Clay Team message boards have been buzzing with good news lately. Several team members have been included in the PMC Guild Annual Volume. Congrats to Jennifer Smith Righter, Liz Hall, Lorena Angulo, Ruth Baille, CelieFago and Lora Hart for having their work included in Volume #3.

There is new website that is aimed at sharing tips and tricks on precious metal clay called Metal Clay Guru. This is wonderful website that shares insight on working with metal clay. I love the links to the video tutorials and the gallery of talented artists. If you look at that gallery of artists you will see EMC very own, Bev Gallerani, Celie Fago, Jane Font, Janice Doner, Jennifer Smith-Righter, Liz Hall, Lora Hart, Lorena Angulo, Sue Urquhart, Teresa Swanson

Lisel Crowley, of Heart of the Fire, had a lovely article written about her Studio in Windsor, CT on the online magazine Connecticut Creative. Congrats Lisel!

Ancient Echoes Pendant

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