Welcome Ann of Drakonaria Jewelry to the Etsy Metalclay Team

We have a new member to the Etsy Metalclay team this month. Ann Mozon is the artisan behind Drakonaria - Artistic Jewelry. Ann is a metal clay artist who inspired by the beauty of nature and fine literature. She expands the Etsy Metalclay international resume by coming to us by Cracow, Poland. Ann designs contain delicate, intricate detail. I particularly love Ann's Sindarin jewelry line. Sinadrin is the name of the elves language found in J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings series. Her Aderthad Pendant listed below means unification in the grey elves' language. Ann has a website that is currently in her native polish but she is in the process of translating it to English. Can't wait to see it Ann. Welcome to the team, I hope you find our little group a friendly and helpful one.

Ann's Aderthad Pendant


Ann Mazon / Drakonaria said...

:) Thanks to you all :). I'm really happy that I'm with you! :)

Ruth said...

So glad you joined us Ann.

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