"A Little About Me…" Part Two

Etsy Metal Clay Team Artists Tell Us About Themselves
Part Two

Here is a continuation of yesterday's topic: Etsy Metal Clay Team members answer the question:

In what way does your metal clay work express something about you?

In their own voices, in alphabetical order, are their answers:

Jane Font - Daisy Jane Designs:

Abandoned and Haunted House

I daydream a lot: things I’ve seen, weather I like, places I’d like to go, and past times I wish I could have experienced. Much of this goes into my work. I try to create places I can escape to just by looking at my jewelry. Sometimes I pick the piece I'm going to wear for the day based on my mood and where I wish I was. My little abandoned house necklace is my current favorite place to escape.

Molli Koltun - Modern Metal Jewelry:

Silver Crater Bracelet

My metal clay work is a creative expression of who I am, along with my longtime love of jewelry. The process involves small, methodical steps which reflects my attention and love of detail. It may also include problem solving and research which is a part of the creative process that I also enjoy. My pieces may look simple at first glance, but there is more to them in design and technique, even if it appears subtle.

My style is very much like my home - contemporary, a clean look with organic touches. A little more edge than meets the eye, both for my home and for myself. Besides I just love making jewelry!

Lori Magno - Moda di Magno

Rustic Rounds Earrings

Metal Clay is an extension of my Wabi Sabi life. Trying to appreciate everything, flaws and all - and especially the 'flaws' - that are likely intentional. I love that metal clay allows you to see the hand of the maker. That is my greatest joy with metal clay.

Rachel Miller - Rachels Things:

optic tower mezuzah

For years I have experimented with different mediums in an attempt to find a real reason to create something from my heart. I love to sketch, I’ve painted, collaged, done needlework, but I always struggled with what exactly to make, and what I wanted to express.

I think that the permanence of solid metal that silver clay becomes makes my pieces more valid. My faith has always been a personal importance to me, so I started making Jewish religious symbols. For me, they are contemporary interpretations of ancient symbols, which are still grounded in my love of antiquity. Metal clay has been a medium in which I’ve created things which I can be completely proud of…. And that has been a great gift to me.

Jennifer Smith-Righter - Wearable By Design

Arts and Crafts Style Necklace

I like things to be precise and in control, most of the time… and then I like things to be just how they are naturally. I think my work reflects both of those desires.

Sue Urquhart - Lulu Bug Jewelry:

Shar Pei

I'm quite the animal lover, and have been my whole life. I think this really shows in my metal clay work!

Catherine Witherell - Happy Day Art:

Tudor Rose Earrings

I used to be a shy person and never gave of my opinions, really I was pretty quiet and just went along with the flow. I liked beading and I would make earrings for my friends for birthdays and Christmas. Then I went off to an art retreat when my kids were 8 and 9 years old and got very inspired and excited by it. I kept going every year and learned so much while I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities. Around that same time I began working with PMC and I lost interest in the metal offerings at my local bead store. I had images in my head that were evolving influenced by the experiences I got at the retreat where I was exposed to mixed media collage techniques and so I adapted them to my PMC work. Now I spend days making drawings that I then figure out how to construct in metal clay. I like to complicate my designs. I like a lot going on... and movement.

Lisa Woinarski - Lillipilli Designs:

Tribal batik earrings

My favourite pieces are my batik inspired pieces. This is because they have a lot of meaning for me. I studied at Bahasa Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Central Java for a year as part of my degree. Yogyakarta is the cultural heart of Java. While there, I visited the Kraton (the sultan's palace) and came across a man, Pak Budi, who was making traditional hand-drawn batik. I asked if he could teach me, and soon I was visiting his home a few days a week to study with him. I loved those hours of intense concentration, peppered with small talk about differences between life in Indonesia and Australia while we both worked. He had a great sense of humour and we had many laughs, and my Indonesian improved immensely.

Now I live in San Diego, a long way from Indonesia. My batik inspired pieces represent that part of my life and keep me connected to Indonesia.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my teammates better. I hope hearing from them gives you more insight into these talented artists!

~ Evelyn P. Dombkowski - La Bella Luna Jewelry


Molli Koltun said...

Thank you Evelyn for this great post! I just loved reading and learning a bit more about everyone! What a wonderful diverse group!

Janice said...

Evelyn, what a great way to get to know everyone a little bit better! I simply loved this post. :)

Chocolate and Steel said...

great post! Funny how their inspirations are so evident in their work.

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