Etsy MetalClay Team Charity Charm Bracelet

The Etsy MetalClay Team did a charm exchange back in April of 2010. Each member made an extra charm so that a charm bracelet could be donated to charity. The EMC Team is currently auctioning off the above bracelet for the benefit of the organization of Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks is a charity organization that was founded in February of 2005. This organization has become the nation's leader in raising funds for the scientific research in causes, treatment, prevention and ultimately a cure for autism. Autism Speaks strives to raise awareness of autism and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

The charm bracelet is composed of a 7 inch sterling silver chain and 22 handmade charms composed of bronze, fine silver and copper. The charms range in size from a 1/2 inch to 1 inch in size. 100% of the proceeds from the ebay auction will be donated to Autism Speaks. The auction will end on November 14th at 6:00 pm PST. Thank you to the EMC team members who have donated charms and to those who have organized the charity auction. Please forward this information to as many as possible so that we can raise money and awareness for such a worthy cause.

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