"What's on your workbench?"

Hello! In this post we have some members of the Etsymetal clay team showing us what they are currently working on.

"I'm making 200 good luck charms for a friend's wedding in September. Hadar's bronze clay with a hand carved mold and each piece hand stamped with their initials (and all made with love and best wishes.)"

"On my bench today is a test strip for Fast Fire BRONZClay. I'm going to try firing it in Magic Carbon. I'll take measurements of it before and after firing so I can start to get an idea of what happens with the shrinkage. After it's fired, I'll try bending it and hammering it. If it's o.k, I'm going to start making some pieces in bronze. All new for me!"

Check out this amazing piece from Anna, it is a custom order. This is just before firing and we are all eagerly awaiting the final result, we can't wait! :)

Joy is busy enamelling at the moment - lots of tiny rainbow seashells for a sculpture piece!

"I am working with Sterling PMC in this piece. I hand sculpted and carved this folk bird and I want to make a brooch, maybe a brooch/pendant with it. I love working with Sterling PMC!"

This ring is an custom order.
"It is a metal clay carved ring with two lampwork beads (made by me!). I drilled two holes and I'm trying to get right size. Next step is firing the metal clay ring."

Last but not least is a great studio pic from Catherine.
"I've been working in a bright corner of my living room for about 2 years and my family teases me about it all the time.  But it's cold downstairs and there is almost no empty surface down there so well, yeah, here I am.  I clean up a little when I quit working each day but I do a better cleaning of the space just before I begin working on a new project.  It helps clear my mind too."

That's all for this post, I hope you have enjoyed seeing what members have been working on.

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Cindy ~ said...

That's great fun to see what folks are working on. I'm not a member of your group but I have PMC3 on my workbench using my custom Heart/Ribbon charm design which will be enameled in pink, have a tiny silver golf ball added and be used to create a pretty bracelet for Rally for The Cure golf tournament in NH next week. :o)

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