EMC Team Stone Settings Challenge

The Etsy MetalClay Team has done Team Challenges in the past. The purpose of the Team Challenge is to help team member push their boundaries and learn a new a skill that they might not of tried. Stone Setting in metal clay is the current team challenge for the EMC Team. All jewelry pieces would have to incorporate setting stones in metal clay into their design. Below are some of the designs the various artists of the EMC team came up with!

Jamie's Bracelet by Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree Tanner made the beautiful bracelet shown above. The russian amazonite is held in place with a silver bezel. The silver bezel was constructed from Art Clay Paper. The intricate bezel design was cut with the help of a silhouette machine. Wanaree has named this piece Jamie's Bracelet. Wanaree talks more about this bracelet in her blog.

Rainfall by Evelyn Pelati

Evelyn Pelati constructed this lovely necklace. Evelyn calls this Art Deco inspired piece "Rainfall". The blue lace agate is set in sterling silver and the two silver drop framing the lovely blue lace agate represent rain drops.

Mountain Sunset by Bev Gallerani

Bev Gallerani of Mango Tango Designs created this stunning pendant shown above with Goldie Bronze. She has named this piece "Mountain Sunset". The bronze pendant has two very distinct stones. The round rainbow calsilia is set in a bronze bezel setting and the bismuth crystal is held in place with a prong setting. The necklace in composed of cherry creek jasper rondelles. The round rainbow calsilia represents the moon and the jagged bismuth crystal represents a mountain range. 

Crazy Lace Agate Pendant by Meenu Devrani

 Meenu Devrani of Vaasvara Jewelry has created three pieces for the challenge! Each piece incorporated a different stone setting technique. The pendant above is a large crazy lace agate stone that has been set using art silver paper clay. The body of the pendant is composed of art clay slow drying silver.

Moss Agate Pendant by Meenu Devrani

This moss agate is held in place with a fine silver bezel wire. The main body of the pendant is silver metal clay but a fine silver bezel wire was soldered to the metal clay body to hold the moss agate in place. Meenu found this piece to be the most challenging but it came out beautifully.

Obsidian and Opal Broach by Meenu Devrani

The rainbow obsidian and opal stones in this lovely broach were set with different types of metal clay. Meenu set the opal stone into the broach with paper clay and fired the opal setting with the main body of the broach. The rainbow obsidian bezel was created with metal clay fired separately and then reattached to the main body of the broach with overlay paste. The handmade pin mechanism was soldered onto the back of the broach.  

Flutterbies Pendant by Joy Funnell

Joy Funnell of Joyful Jewellry created this whimsical pendant. The pendant is composed of art silver clay. The enameled pink butterflies circle around the cubic zirconia stones that have been fired in place. The silver pendant has also been patina to bring out the texture pattern on the background of the pendant.

Silver and Goldie Bronze Heart Rings by Liad Wischnia Nemeth

Liad Wischnia Nemeth the designer behind  By Liad handcrafted Jewelry created two beautiful rings. One ring is composed of silver and the other ring is composed of Goldie Bronze. Both rings create a silver/bronze bezel setting to hold the red ruby stones.

Bronze Labradorite Ring by Liad Wischnia Nemeth

Liad also created this gorgeous ring which is composed of goldie bronze. The nine labradorite stones on this ring are held in place by bronze bezels. Liad used the bezel builders mold by metalclays.com to create this ring.

Silver Leaf Ring by Karen West

Karen West the designer behind Egg Tooth Originals created this lovely ring. The silver ring combines metal fabrication with metal clay. The ring shank and ring bezel are sterling silver metal fabrication. The leaves are composed of silver metal clay. The metal clay leaves were soldered onto the silver ring shank base.

Thank you to all the team members who participated in this Team Challenge!


Liz Hall said...

Wow lot's of wonderful pieces, really am impressed with all the different settings!

PeculiarForest said...

Great post! stone setting is another thing I need to learn!

Jindalgems Jaipur said...

Hey I don't have words to describe this post.

The main and most advantage of fine silver bezel settings is that it is very protective of the gemstone although it surrounds or covers from all sides completely.

I simply want to say that absolutely informative post. It inspires me a lot. Keep posting.

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