Creating Round Bezel Ring and Setting Non-Fire Stones

 Ever since I saw these natural stones I had a vision of using them in bronze clay.

 I love the combination of the rough bronze and the uneven different colors of Labradorites
Once I finished and published this ring I had many artists asked me how I made it. To be honest, I usually never plan...... I just go with the flow...... but this exceptional time I did plan and envision how I want the ring to be.  So here it is.

1. Using a 5mm Bezel builder prepare in advanced 9 round bezels


2. Roll out strip of clay 2 cards thick, to create the base for the ring.

3. Wrap the clay strip around a Ring Size Plug.

4. Placing and attaching the bezels on the strip using slip. Make sure to attach the bezels to each other and not just to the strip.

5. After attaching all the bezels place on the hot plate to dry. Once dry, remove it from the hot plate and clean the extra clay in between and the part that was used as the strip. We want to achieve hollow bezels with no backing.

6.  To control the bezels shrinkage make 9 plugs, using 5mm Round bezel shrinkage mold  http://www.metalclays.com/p/899/bezel-shrinkage-stopper-mold-round 


The material of which to make the plugs called investment. It’s an easy silica free, nontoxic material to work with.
Follow the instruction of drying time. When the plugs are fully dry they are ready to be used.

  7.  Fill the bezels with the plugs and place in the kiln for your desired clay. You can glue them in place with common white glue to prevent them from falling out.

8. After firing, clean and polish the piece.

9. Set in the stones using Epoxy 330.

Liad Wischnia - Nemeth


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