From the world of our dreams

Sometimes when the everyday life is getting more and more difficult, annoying or so predictable that it is boring, we run away from the reality into the world of no boundaries - the world of our dreams. There we can find the creatures from fairy tales: mermaids, dragons, birds and animals which do not look like anything we know. And sometimes when we get back to reality, we take some of this friendly creatures with us. Then we need only metal clay and skillful hands to let our imagination to lead us and to create something which brings a bit of magic to a daily routine.

An amazing mermaid by Beverly Miller Gallerani

The Ice Dragon by Anna Mazoń - Drakonaria

Sweet and friendy creature by Anna Siivonen.

The Bird of Paradise by Marta Grzywna

A Siren holding her treasure by Anna Mazoń - Drakonaria

Another mermaid by Beverly Miller Gallerani

Anna Siivonen`s imagination is limitless.

One more bird from the Birds of Paradise Family by Marta Grzywna


HappyDayArt! said...

This is a very sweet post I love these imaginary creatures you've created!

Caron Michelle said...

Absolutely stunning - love your mythical designs!

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