EMC Team members in print this month

It's great to see the work of several team members published this month. Check out the following:

Lora Hart and Catherine Witherall both had several metal clay beads and necklaces of theirs featured in Barbara Becker Simon's new book entitled "Metal Clay Beads". It's a beautiful book and its a great showcase for your work.

Dina Alexander's metal clay necklace "Locked inside" that she won the 2008 Saul Bell Design award (PMC) was shown in this month's Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

Ruth Baillie's metal clay "Three little pigs" necklace and earrings were also shown in this same edition.

Bev Gallerani has a tutorial on a PMC and dichroic glass pendant "Under a full moon" in the Spring 2009 issue of of Belle Armoire Jewelry.

Great to see our team members' work out there!


HappyDayArt! said...

This is great!


Moda di Magno said...

Congratulations you fabulous, talented ladies! I'm off to the newsstand now!

Lora Hart said...

What a great feature Lori! Thanks for the post and the love!

Amor De Plata said...

Congrats to all of our team members in print!

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