Let's Go Shopping!

Etsy Discovery of the Week -  I'm hoping to make this a weekly or Bi-Weekly column.  There are some wonderful sellers on Etsy who deserve to be seen.  My first discovery is Romazone Supplies.

Roma is a teacher based in Dallas Texas who offers all kind of delicious jewelry making supplies at great prices.  And if you order in quantity, she may even give you a discount! 

Roma carries soldering supplies including paste solder, bench pins and blocks, texture stamps, tumblers, Liver of Suphur... really - the girl's got it all.  Check her out before you make your next supply purchase.


HappyDayArt! said...

I am loving that shop Lora! I'm going to get me some stamps! Thanks!


Amor De Plata said...

Great supply shop. Thanks for the info!


Ruth said...

I just selected this blog for an award! Please go to my blog for details! http://insidetheartisan.blogspot.com
It's a way of acknowledging all the great artists on the team. Glad to be a part of it.

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