Splash of Color Challenge - Gemstone Entries

With so many talented artists within the Etsy MetalClay Group, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a Monthly Challenge. Nothing too competitive mind you, more of a opportunity to learn new techniques and trying something new. The Challenge for this month was called "Splash of Color" All jewelry pieces had to incorporate color into the pieces via gemstones, enamel, resin, polymer. I had a huge response from the team (16 entries) so I will present our different Splash of Color Entries by category. This first set of entries utilized glass and gemstones to bring a pop of color to their silver pieces.

Lisel Crowley of Heart of the Fire sent me this dichroic glass butterfly with textured silver wings. I wonder if this beautiful butterfly is traveling with Lisel to the Philly Show this weekend?

Lisel's Dichroic Butterfly Pendant

Penelope Dunham of Penelopes Passion sent me her Silk Fire Pendant. This pendant also incorporates the use of dichroic glass and silver. I love how the glass seems to be bursting from the silver.
Penelope's Silk Fire Pendant

Alina of Silver Garden submitted her Artist Palette Pendant. This cute pendant is formed from Fine Silver with three cubic zirconia stones, a peridot and a lab grown blue spinel. The palette has leaf textured surface and is suspended off an 18" sterling silver snake chain.

Alina's Artist Palette Pendant

Oshrat Ben-Isaac of Terra Firma Studios sent me her Party of Five Pendant. This gemstone pendant contains five diffrent colored cubic zirconia.

Oshrat Party of Five Pendant

Catherine Witherell of Happy Day Art submitted her Amethyst Drop Flower Pendant. The PMC Flower pendant is decorated with three amethyst drops and fused fine silver connection rings.

Catherine's Amethyst Drop Flower Pendant

Karen West of Eggtooth Originals submitted her Night Forest Pendant. Karen's Pendant features a moonstone against her organic silver design.

Karen's Night Forest Pendant


Nicola said...

Wow - what a talented bunch of folks! I adore all of them but the Butterfly is my absolute favourite :)
Nicola x

Anonymous said...

great pieces!

Lora Hart said...

Gosh, these are all beautiful! I'm especially impressed with Oshrat's gem setting technique!

Ruth said...

Nice splashes!

TZTUDIO (T's Studio) said...

These pieces are absolutely GORGEOUS! Nice work! : D

Janice said...

These are all so beautiful!! I love this splash of color design challenge! So fun to see what everyone came up with. :)

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