Splash of Color Challenge - Resin and Enamel Entries

This is the second set of entries for our Color Splash EMC Team Challenge. As you read on last Friday's blog, the Etsy MetalClay Team agreed to a friendly Team Challenge. The Challenge called Color Splash, encouraged the group to create piece of silver jewelry that incorporated color using gemstones, glass, resin, enamel, polymer, etc. I am very excited to see what everyone came up with. Last Friday we showcased all of the entries that utilized gemstones and glass. Today all of the items presented below incorporated color into their design by adding resin or enamel.
Teresa Boland of Teresa Boland Designs send me this wonderful resin piece called Blooming Catmint Pendant with resin. Teresa was able in capture a natural blooming catmint bud from her garden and seal it with resin inside this lovely silver pendant.

Teresa's Blooming Catmint Pendant

Beverly of Mango Tango Designs sent me this lovely enamel piece. The pendant features Bev's silver seashells with a transparent green enameled background.

Bev's Seashell and Green Enamel Pendant

Lora Hart of
Lora Hart Jewels sent me this green enamel pendant. The pendant features a silver stamped pattern with a green enamel background, Lora finishes this necklace with a silk ribbon and a vintage button as a clasp.

Lora's Green Enamel Pendant

Janice Doner of Destinys Creations sent me this lovely Fire Fly pendant.This pendant features green and black enamel over silver that has been stamped with a organic texture design of a firefly and flowers.

Jaince's Fire Fly Pendant

Nicola Callow of Murano Silver sent me this colorful resin piece called "Thoth." Thoth is the Egyptian God associated with writing and learning and was Nicola's inspiration for creating this elaborate line drawing. From her lining drawings, Nicola was able to create a photo polymer plate. The color resins and dichroic cabochon make Thoth a big, bold, colorful pendant. Check out Nicola blog where she talks about creating this piece in detail. www.muranosilver.blogspot.com

Nicola's Thoth Pendant

Lori Magno of Moda di Magno sent me these cute silver heart. The silver heart has a small circle cutout that is filled with red Ferido epoxy resin.
Lori's Silver Heart Pendant

Linda Gielen of Clayology sent me her Green Leaves Medallion that features light green resin with her silver leaves design. Linda added easycast resin with green pearl ex powered pigments to the large recessed areas of the piece to make this medallion.

Linda Green Leaves Medallion

Cherylyn Bredemann of C-Lyn Studio sent me her Terra Cotta Dream Pool Pendant. This pendant is composed of several different materials. Cherylyn PMC pendant contains handmade mixed-media papers enveloped in resin and a blue paua shell.

Cherylyn Terra Cotta Dream Pool Pendant


Anonymous said...

beautiful pieces!

Nicola said...

Wow - such a wide variety of gorgeous designs, I love them all. *Note to self - those are sooo inspirational, must get the enamels out again!!
nic xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces, team!

Janice said...

Gorgeous!! While I haven't fully conquered all the facets of enameling looking at these resin pieces are so inspirational. I need 48 hours in a day instead of 24. Beautiful work ladies!

Cherylyn Gnadt said...

thanks for including me in the challenge. What fun! And what lovely pieces.

PeculiarForest said...

awesome love the firefly pendant and the green enamel necklace

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