Hot, hotter, hottest! Our sunny creations.

Everyone has their own ways of celebrating Summer to its fullest. We also have our way. We make sun themed jewellery! Take a look at our gorgeous, summery creations, but watch out - they are really, really hot ;).

Lovely, enamelled ring by Joy Funnell - can you feel the heat?

Amazing, extremely intricate pendant by Liz Hall (LizardsJewelry). Look at all these lovely sapphires and warm colours of polymer clay inlay. This is definitely a statement piece.

Beautiful sun pendant with a bit of gold by Jen Kahn. Spiral in the center of this lovely sun is a very old solar symbol.

Some more gold, spirals and ancient symbols - this time by Anna MazoƄ (Drakonaria). Look at all these tiny details and flowing lines.

Exceptional, a bit tribal, sun themed pendant by Joni Rae Doyle (Soul Harbor Jewelry). It has really mystical quality to it.

Too hot? Just dive into this lovely view created by Bev Gallerani (MangoTango). Sun, sand, sea, blue sky... Perfect balance! :)
If you miss cool waves and sea breeze, make sure to visit her Etsy shop. You'll find there exactly what you need.

Stay tuned - some more lovely pieces coming soon!
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