"A Little About Me…"

Etsy Metal Clay Team Artists Tell Us About Themselves
Part One

If you're like me, when you see art that you love, you also wonder about the artist. How does this work reflect the artist's personality?

Members of the Etsy Metal Clay Team create works of art as rich, unique and beautiful as the artists themselves. So, I posed this question to them:

In what way does your metal clay work express something about you?

I asked them to make their answers as long or short as they'd like, even if it's only one word. The answers I received are both thoughtful and insightful.

Here, in their own voices, are their replies (in alphabetical order):

Lorena Angulo - Pueblo Folk Art:


This questions is great!!! I think that my work is 100% me. I did not planned my work to be like this, it was a natural process.
I started drawing a lot and when I saw my drawings I notice that they all represent me, my culture, my traditions. I follow what my heart wants to express and I love to share with my work a little about me.

Ruth Baillie - Birdland Creations:

Anyone can do tricks

I feel my metal clay work shows my love of games, surprises and humor! I also trained as a psychologist and think my work shows that side in that my goal for each piece is that it evokes a positive emotion in the wearer or viewer. So instead of therapy, just wear jewelry!!!


For me, metal clay is enlightening... Through sculpting and molding, to create a tangible design, I am reminded of the connection between the design of art and the design of one's life. We too can be molded and shaped. The outcome of both is often a mystery.

Carrie Benvenuti - Uranium Cafe:

Dichroic Glass and Silver pendant

I have a variety of interests, and I think this transcends into my work. Not being partial to any one style, my work is eclectic.

Kristi Bowman - Dreamsome:

Disjointed Leaf

Since discovering Metal Clay I've been able to express my creativity in a way I've never done before. I work in a very non-creative job and have for many years. I've done creative things here and there over the years but nothing has unleashed my creativity as Metal Clay has done. I look at the world in a slightly different way, I really pay more attention to the look, feel and texture of everything around me in a very intense way now. I LOVE IT!

Nicola Callow - Murano Silver:


My Artistic vision tends towards rich contrasts of colour and texture, so the Art and talismans of Ancient cultures, provide a continuing source of inspiration!
The Aztecs, Egyptians and early tribes left behind such a treasure trove of personal adornments. They spark our curiosity, awakening our inner story tellers, who imagine the lives that these artifacts have touched.
Mixed media work allows me to take “jewellery journeys” filled with discovery, and let pieces evolve their own stories. Polymer clay, traditional goldsmithing, enamelling, epoxy resins, alternative metals or reclaimed ephemera ~ whatever works!
It's both moving and humbling when I see someone connect with my work... knowing that once it's with them it will acquire their stories too, perhaps one day being passed on with special memories of that person.
Isn't it wonderful that as jewellery designers we might one day leave that kind of legacy?

Lis-el Crowley - Heart of the Fire:

New Moon

My approach to creativity is open and intuitive. I prefer to begin to work with my materials and let them reveal to me what they wish to become. I love to explore the variety of media I use in this way and hope that the end result is pleasing to view, touch and wear. I believe that handmade items carry a bit of the soul of the artisan and always strive to pour positive healing energy into everything I create.

Tomorrow: Part Two– More from the Etsy Metal Clay Team

~ Evelyn P. Dombkowski - La Bella Luna Jewelry


KristiBowmanDesign said...

Wonderful Eve, thank you so much!! I'm proud to be a member of this team, everything is so beautiful!!

Ruth said...

Great post. Nice to read and learn a little more about the team.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job Eve!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this wonderful piece for our awesome team!

Heist said...

Lovely post! I love reading about everyone's inspirations!!

Rachel Kranzberg Miller said...

It's inspiring to hear how others are inspired!

Nicola said...

Love reading about everyones creativity!
Nic xx

Cherylyn Gnadt said...

great post. I'm so proud and thankful to be part of such a talented group of artists.

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